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About Us

Our Vision

At Visual Eyes Optometry, we work hard to preserve and improve the vision and health of every one of our patients. 

Our team of licensed optometrists and opticians are among the finest Winnipeg.  We work hard to be your trusted choice in eye care professionals by focusing on quality, state of the art personalized eye care.

Dr. Recksiedler Optometrist Visual Field Zeiss

Our Knowledge and Care

We specialize in the management and diagnosis of ocular diseases such as glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and macular degeneration. 

We also specialize in children's eye examinations and development including amblyopia treatment and management of strabismus.  

Manitoba Clinic 790 Sherbrook Winnipeg Manitoba

Our Location

Dr. Carmen Recksiedler, Dr. Janelle Driedger and Dr. Steven Mintz are conveniently located in downtown Winnipeg on the main floor of the Manitoba Clinic.

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We want to see you!

Come visit our dispensary located on the Main Floor of the Manitoba Clinic during regular business hours and browse our selection of spectacle frames and sunglasses!

Visual Eyes Optometry

Main Floor Manitoba Clinic 790 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg MB R3A1M3

Phone: (204) 788-5794