A comprehensive eye examination looks at three things: Your vision, your eye health and the connection from your eye to your brain.  

Our vision changes throughout our lives and the Manitoba Association of Optometrists recommends a comprehensive eye examination for all adults every 1 to 2 years to maintain optimal vision.


All Children should have their first eye examination before age 3.  

This is because neurodevelopment is a critical period for the brain to develop vision.  If a vision condition is caught early, it can often be treated.  

Manitoba Health covers all Children's eye exams until they turn 19 years of age. 


Did you know that anyone with diabetes should have a yearly dilated eye examination? 

The majority of this examination is covered by Manitoba Health.  It provides insight into the management of your diabetes. 

We encourage you to arrange transportation to these appointments as your vision may be blurred after receiving dilating eye drops.


Red Eye? Eye Infection?  

Is there something in your eye? 


Symptoms that could potentially indicate an eye emergency include seeing flashes of light, increased spots in your vision, blackened areas in your vision, or pain in the eyes. 

Manitoba health covers all eye emergency visits.


Please call (204) 788-5794 to notify us of your eye emergency so we can see you urgently and you can avoid a trip to the hospital.


We fit standard and non-standard contact lenses including daily, monthly disposables, soft and hard lenses. 

We also  fit specialty scleral contact lenses for dry eye syndrome, graft vs host disease and keratoconus.  

We tailor your contact lens fitting to your lifestyle and needs.  

In some cases, we may be able to fit you in contact lenses even if you were told you were not able to wear them.  

Our contact lens training program ensures you will be confident and safe at inserting and removing and caring for your contact lenses.


When additional testing is required we have access to the highest level ophthalmic instruments including Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT), Optomap Retinal imaging, Fundus Photography and Visual Field testing. 

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